I am, first and foremost, a believer in Jesus Christ, the infinite God who, for our sake, took on human flesh and swallowed the onrushing, torrential wrath of a perfect God. He is my strength and shield, my hope and joy, my peace and refuge, my passion and focus. Without Him, my life would be the miserable wreck that any person, idea or thing is that is no longer useful for its intended purpose.

I am married to a super-cool Lebanese girl from New Hampshire. She is intimidatingly smart (she graduated summa cum laude, but always acts like it’s not a big deal), enthusiastically-outgoing (she starts conversations in elevators; I’ve witnessed it), and is a wonderful friend. She’s also a fantastic writer.

I was born in Mississippi, and my family moved to Maryland when I was young. I grew up with an older brother, a mom who was a school teacher, and a dad who was a Pastor. I lived through the disillusionment resulting from a church split and very un-churchlike behavior by people I once respected. Through it all, I learned that the church’s eternal strength is in the conflict it creates, and that the church leaves eternal beauty in the lives of those who never give up on it.

My educational career has included a degree in video production, two masters degrees in theology, and finally, my law degree; I’m thrilled to say that I’m done.

I love music, acting and films.

I love sports, especially college sports, and above all, college football.

Finally, I’m interested in politics and public policy. I am a classical conservative.